Our history

Dimitri Daskalidès, Deliska Traditions founder since 1996. He belong to the 8th generation of pastry chef’s and master chocolatiers.

The family’s roots can be traced from 1760 in Constantinople, then the multi-cultural capital of the ottoman empire.

During the 19th century, four generations have consolidated the legendary recognition for the mouthwatering oriental pastries. Their sweets have been consumed at the sultan court. These pastry chefs were renowned for their subtle creations and beautiful compositions of candied fruits, glazed chestnuts, almonds pastries or delicious soft nougats known since antiquity.

In 1844, another branch on the family tree, the Fritz-Krieger, became the forerunners of a new gourmet delicacies sold throughout itinerant fairs around Belgium, holland and northern France. Mr fritz (Jean Krieger) will popularize the famous belgian fries, Brussels waffles served in sumptuous « carrousel salons », around 1885, with the new railway his wife and his cousin Leonidas Kestekidès have added to the menus candied fruits and nougat bites made in their pastry factory in Constantinople. Soon, they soaked them in belgian chocolate and became part of the frontrunners of belgian chocolatier.

Medals and certificates were awarded at the 1897 international exhibition in Brussels, belgium followed by the Paris exhibition in 1900 St-Louis, Mo in 1904, Brussels 1910, Ghent 1913. Most of them attributes to his great grand-uncle, the well-known, pastry chef and entrepreneur Léonidas Kestekidès, founder of the Leonidas brand in 1913.

1933 is the birth of the iconic manon café, aw hite chocolate shell filled with a buttercream flavored coffee. This manon was invented by a trio, his grandfather Prodromos, his uncle, Jean Daskalides and his great uncle Basile Kestekidès, founders of the chocolatières brands Daskalidès and Léonidas.